Game Asset Management

3/22/22 Report:

Previous Milestone:

As a brief recap of the focus of this proposal - Revelar is building an NFT Game Engine to quickly integrate games on-chain. This Game Asset Management is a core structure to how game developers or creators structure and monitor their assets (NFT's + FTs). This is the first report for this proposal, we have onboarded, and have made progress on our first sprint milestone listed below.


We started this proposal with some prototype mockup's and UI. We have revisited the full flow of UX to make sure we have considered ease of use with new users & minimize repetitive tasks. - Onboarding Projects (new & existing) - Managing Assets through different stages (mint & beyond) - Inventory stats and on-chain data streams We believe we have our UI / UX 95% complete for v1 with all remaining tweaks to be made in Frontend development. An important discovery that came out of this phase was exploring a different hierarchy around NFTs within or in conjunction to the CIP - 025 standard. We have included this in our F8 Proposals for Open Standards.

Next Steps:

The next sprint, starting Mar 23rd will be focused on frontend development with a demo video (dummy data) to show basic interactions and functions. Concurrently we are working on the backend API's with our "NFT Game Assets API" proposal and will likely be integrating the calls to the frontend and testing in this upcoming sprint.





UI / UX Updates

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