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No-Code NFT Minting
June Updates
Final Update

6/23/22 Report:

Previous Milestone:
As a recap of our proposal we are creating a no-code NFT minting generator. To double down on the ease and experiment of this we are using a low-code tool ( to create the v1 of this. We believe this will not only highlight a much lower barrier to entry for many who want to build applications for the web3 space but give us fast iterations with everyone on our team as a stakeholder who can update and iterate on the app creating well rounded redundancy. - Uploading all layers and defining assets to become NFTs - Setting logic parameters for your NFTs - Creating rarity rules for each layer in your NFT assets - Finalizing the full set of assets and exporting them locally - Upload to IPFS and Minting on Cardano with Revelar's Multi-Minter - Setting up Sales pages to buy NFTs
The majority of this sprint has been on revamping some of the UI and getting the front end logic framework in place in a quick and ugly form so we can check and make sure the asset uploads work as expected. We have finalized the data structure with nested Projects, Collections, Assets and have integrated the overall user creation and login into our frontend app.
Next Steps:
  • Continue with finishing the Asset upload form and populate our Asset Management page with these assets. (We will test with our Duo Community deck and Translation Decks)
  • Merge in and complete progress with Game Asset Management and NFT Game Asset API
Status: ON TIME