No-Code NFT Minting

6/23/22 Report:

Previous Milestone:

As a recap of our proposal we are creating a no-code NFT minting generator. To double down on the ease and experiment of this we are using a low-code tool ( to create the v1 of this. We believe this will not only highlight a much lower barrier to entry for many who want to build applications for the web3 space but give us fast iterations with everyone on our team as a stakeholder who can update and iterate on the app creating well rounded redundancy. - Uploading all layers and defining assets to become NFTs - Setting logic parameters for your NFTs - Creating rarity rules for each layer in your NFT assets - Finalizing the full set of assets and exporting them locally - Upload to IPFS and Minting on Cardano with Revelar's Multi-Minter - Setting up Sales pages to buy NFTs


Next Steps:

  • Continue with finishing the Asset upload form and populate our Asset Management page with these assets. (We will test with our Duo Community deck and Translation Decks)

  • Merge in and complete progress with Game Asset Management and NFT Game Asset API



Status: ON TIME

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