NFT Game Assets API

3/22/22 Report:

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As a brief recap of the focus of this proposal - Revelar is building an NFT Game Engine to quickly integrate games on-chain. This NFT Game Asset API is the core backend API to interacting through Cardano nodes to the blockchain & data queries. This is the first report for this proposal, we have onboarded, and have made progress on our first sprint milestone listed below.


High reliability is key for these core API services, and we have spent this sprint reviewing data structures that exist with Cardano's GraphQL and how other projects have approached creating API's (particularly Blockfrost). We have defined our core architecture and will be deploying a hybrid cloud approach with the majority of services running in Google Cloud, with development nodes running on site on bare metal deployments. We believe this gives us the best balance of speed to delivery, global coverage, and decentralized local nodes as a fallback. Part of this proposal is scripts for asset generation (stacking layers) which we have completed 70%. The next step is to deploy in our cloud instances and test via some of the beginning endpoints. API documentation will begin next sprint, and will likely be available for first review late April. Developers looking to be early testers should reach out to to join our API Key waitlist.

Next Steps:

The next sprint will be finalization of our asset generation script & continued documentation on our APIs and cloud deployment.




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